How can i check the history of a vehicle

Your salesperson should go over the report with you.

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The VIN report informs you if a car has ever been reported stolen. The VIN report shows how many previous owners a car has had. An accident can affect a vehicle in many ways. That means an accident can affect both the purchase price and resell value. You can see when and how often it received routine care, like oil changes or tire rotations.

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Otherwise, you might face hefty repair fees more quickly than you anticipated. A VIN report also indicates any open recalls on a vehicle model. The VIN report also includes whether the car is still under warranty. A warranty can save you money on any costly repairs that come up. CarFax is a leader in providing detailed VIN reports to would-be purchasers. Many reputable car dealerships provide CarFax reports for used-car purchases. The National Insurance Crime Bureau provides a database of theft or loss records for cars.

You can also learn when and where the vehicle has been listed for sale.

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Here are some good questions to ask about a used car:. Keep in mind the owner might not tell you the truth.

More than 60% of all used cars imported from the U.S. to Europe have a negative history

If your import car came over the ditch better find out what happened to it in Australia. Watch video series. How not to lose your newly bought vehicle to a Repo-Man! Did you know , Debts are registered on vehicles each year and , Debts are hidden on past plates at any one time? Learn how to avoid basic mistakes when buying or selling a vehicle.

Did you know that every year 23, vehicles are stolen and 55, vehicles are sold illegally?

Import from Japan or USA? No worries. Get the history of the car in Japan and USA before it arrived to New Zealand to see what it was really like before it got here.

What does it look like? Don't get in a pickle! Peace of mind when buying or selling a vehicle with the legals and small print in place to protect both parties.

We identify 75 cars per day that are currently stolen. Redeem a multicheck.

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Update an existing car check. Our vehicle check will provide you with more than 80 valuable data points about the history of the car, including but not limited to:. Is the vehicle currently recorded on the Police National Computer as stolen? Has the vehicle been too badly damaged to be repaired economically or safely; has the insurance company declared it a total loss? Ensure the logbook is legitimate and the most recent issue by entering the V5C Number and Date you were provided and letting us cross check it.

How many number plate changes has the car had and is there anything outstanding on a previous plate.

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A guide valuation for a vehicle of this make and model with average mileage and condition for its age. Our car check is the quickest and simplest way to check if a manufacturer has recalled a vehicle due to a critical safety defect. Enter the reg number into our vehicle checker so we can identify the car.