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Bring the Certificate of Eligibility and Birth certificate showing parents' names directly to the school your child will be attending. Parents must have minimum of four years, except Ontario, which must have 5 years. Is the child attending or did he or she attend the majority of English Elementary or Secondary school in English in Canada?

Provide a letter on official school letter head of majority of primary or secondary education in English or - in English and - in French if applicable. Provide proof of the family's residence in another province tax assessments, lease, health cards, etc. Does the child have a sibling who is attending or has attended the majority of English elementary or secondary school in Canada?

Provide a letter on official school letter head of majority of primary or secondary education in English or percentage in English and percentage in French if applicable. Did one of the parents complete the majority of their Elementary studies in English outside Canada and was domiciled in Quebec on August 26, ? Provide proof of Elementary education of parent on official school letterhead of majority of primary education in English or percentage in English and percentage in French if applicable.

Provide child's Long Version Birth Certificate showing parents' names must be in English or French and Immigration papers linking the whole family. For births outside of Quebec one must contact the Division of Vital Statistics where the child was born. Nancy Craig Tel. The masculine generic refers to both the masculine and feminine genders and is used for conciseness purposes only. Search Go. Facebook Twitter Youtube.

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    Vincent School. MacLean Memorial School. Everest Elementary School. Patrick Elementary and A. Johnson Memorial High School. Shawinigan High School. Portneuf Elementary school. Holland Elementary School.

    Adoption - Researching information on your parents of origin or your adopted child

    Three Rivers Academy. At this stage, the person can also receive psychosocial support if they are concerned, for instance, that the information in the summary may be upsetting. If an identity disclosure veto is registered in the file , the information included in the summary protects the identities of:.

    The summary of family and medical antecedents contains information that, by law, may be communicated.

    What Is The Processing Time For A Canadian Birth Certificate Application In Quebec?

    If the information is in the adoption file, the summary may indicate:. The summary may also contain other information on the child, such as the date of placement for adoption and the year of adoption. Your identity will remain protected and your personal information will remain confidential.

    This means that, unless you consent to it, your identity cannot be revealed to your parent of origin if he requests it. If you consent to the disclosure of your identity and your information to your parent of origin so that he can contact you, you must:. In order to protect your personal information, requests must be sent by mail. The transmission of personal information by email is not secure and may compromise the confidentiality of your information. If your mother or father of origin has been dead for more than 12 months when you make your request, you have the right to know their first name and surname.

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    You also have the right to obtain information that will allow you to contact them. If you want your identity to remain confidential, you must do this before a request to obtain information concerning your identity is made by the adopted person. If you have already requested that your identity remain confidential, you do not have to submit a new request.

    Information about the identity of your minor child will, however, remain confidential. For more information on researching your social and biological history or locating a parent of origin or an adopted child, contact the CISSS or CIUSSS offering protection and rehabilitation services for youths in trouble of adaptation and their families in your region. Registration form identity disclosure veto and contact veto.

    Temporary Certificate of Eligibility

    Application to withdraw an identity disclosure veto or a contact veto. Registration form. View content. Adoption - Researching information on your parents of origin or your adopted child. The information on this page does not replace that of the official legislation.