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Owners will continue to receive Notices of Violation in the mail, but the eNotice will assist owners to quickly respond to violations and certify them in a timely manner. Is a United States Post Office box an acceptable business address for purposes of the property registration?

For the purpose of the property registration, a United States Postal Service mail delivery box, a mail delivery box maintained through a privately operated mail handling facility or the address at which any similar service is provided is not a valid business address. Where can an owner obtain a Property Registration Form? Who is required to sign the Property Registration Statement? The Property Registration Statement must be signed by the owner, or, if the owner is a corporation, by any officer of the corporation.

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The managing agent must also sign the Property Registration Statement to indicate consent to such designation. There is no filing fee for updating information on a registration statement. Who should an owner contact for assistance with the registration process?

What is the responsibility of a managing agent? The managing agent is designated by the owner to be in control of and responsible for the maintenance and operation of the dwelling and to authorize, on behalf of the owner, the correction of any emergency conditions or the making of any emergency repairs. Are there any qualifications for being designated a managing agent?

An owner or corporate officer who meets the qualifications may be designated to serve and can be registered as the managing agent.

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What should an owner do if a managing agent dies, is declared incompetent by a court or moves out of New York City? The owner should designate a new managing agent. The owner will have eight days to file a statement with HPD designating the new managing agent. I own a one or two-family house that had been registered in the past. However, I now live at the property and I am no longer required to register. Once HPD receives and processes the form, you will be notified that you are no longer required to register.

Any outstanding payment for the current registration year will be adjusted. I own a hotel. Am I required to register my property? Yes, hotels are considered transient multifamily dwellings.

I own a condo unit. Am I required to register to my unit? No, as an individual unit owner, you are not required to register.

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However, your condo board is required to register on behalf of the condo building. I own shares in a Co op. Am I required to register my unit? No, as an individual shareholder, you are not required to register your unit. However, your Co op Board is required to register on behalf of the cooperative.

I was a joint owner of a property and the other owner died. What do I need to do to register? The owner died and there is now an executor for the property. How does the property need to be registered? Section 6, 8, 10, 11 and 12 are all required. My property is not a residential building and does not require registration, but I have been billed through the Department of Finance DOF for property registration. What do I do? Provide the borough, property address and the current occupancy of the property. I continue to receive registration notices from HPD even though I am no longer the owner.

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What can I do? How do I register? HPD will research the property, add the information to its database and generate a Property Registration Form for you. I do not see a fee on my statement of account related to Property Registration. Why not? If the fee is not billed during the July Statement cycle, you will not be required to pay until the next cycle. This may happen if your property has a credit towards registration or the property is added as required to register to HPD records after the annual bill is sent.

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