History of infant car seats

It was in response to an increasing number of air bag deaths, as more and more cars began to have passenger side airbags in the s and 90s. In fact, by , front side passenger side air bags were required on all new cars and light trucks sold in the United States.

100 Years of Car Seat History in (About) 60 Seconds

And the idea that school age kids needed to stay in car seats or booster seats a lot longer than most parents thought necessary was introduced. The AAP also clarified that infants should ride rear facing until they are 20lb and 1 year of age. Some still just use age based criteria or have criteria for car seats and booster seats that are far lower than AAP recommendations. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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The Importance Of Car Seats And How To Choose One

Skip to content We have come along way since the old days when kids would ride around without seat belts in the front seat of the car. Latest Car Seat Recommendations Do your kids ride safely when they are in the car? Why issue recommendations if states had already passed car seat laws? The car seat guidelines introduced the idea of booster seat for older kids. And then, in , the AAP published the recommendations that we are still following today.

Since the first laws and recommendations about car seats and seat belts, we have also learned: to Look Before You Lock to prevent heatstroke deaths in hot cars to use rear view cameras to prevent backover deaths to lock our cars and secure the keys to prevent trunk entrapment to not text and drive and to avoid other distractions Are you still sure that your kids are safe in the car? What to Know About the History of Car Seat Recommendations Car seat safety recommendations have come along way since kids began riding in cars.

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Study — Restraint systems for the prevention of injury to children in automobile accidents. It rotates degrees so you can easily take baby in and out of the carseat. It also grows with your child and can go from rear-facing to front facing.

Another hack is to purchase a luggage strap and you can strap it onto your umbrella stroller. Now he proudly wears it and shows everyone his badge. The Mifold just came out with an upgraded booster: it is smaller, non-folding, and offers better protection for the child. That way you can easily take your stroller and car seat around with just one piece of equipment.

Driving conditions are an unpredictable variable when going abroad — having the assurance of car seat safety makes for one less thing to worry about! That means you can have instant access to your stroller right when you deplane, instead of waiting at the baggage claim.

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Having a compatible car seat makes travel easy! Before purchasing your car seat, research its safety rating first. If you are a frugal mommy like me, you may have considered buying a carseat secondhand. While I am a big proponent of saving money, car seat safety is too important to skimp on.

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It is highly unadvisable to purchase a carseat secondhand. You cannot get a definitive history of the car seat. You will not know if the seller has been in an accident with the car seat.