California inability to pay dui fines

Individuals who cannot raise the money to pay the fees for a court-imposed DUI program should discuss the issue with their probation officer.

California's DUI Manual | Drunk Driving Penalties, Laws and Suspension Information

Procedures for obtaining waivers vary from state to state, but a probation officer would know how to make a request for a waiver, and to whom the request should be made. Ignoring the DUI program will probably result in the imposition of additional penalties, but the condition to complete the program will not go away. Enter your email address to stay current on legal news and receive special offers.

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Mendocino County, CA

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Advanced Search. A deposit of bail for a traffic infraction is forfeited—meaning that you pay the court and do not get your money back—in the following ways: When you do not challenge the ticket and choose to pay the traffic bail. If you choose to pay the ticket, send your payment and a copy of the ticket or the reminder notice to the court.

Do California bench warrants cross state lines?

Do not send your original copy of the ticket. When the court receives your payment, if the offense does not require an appearance in court, your case will be closed. It will appear as a conviction on your DMV driving record. You will get points on your driving record and your insurance company may raise your insurance payment or cancel your policy.

California DUI Laws, Penalties and Sentencing

When you pay bail before arraignment or trial and are found guilty. If you are found guilty at trial and you paid bail before your trial, the court will apply the bail deposit to payment of the fine, penalties, and fees. If the total is less than the amount you paid, the court will mail a refund.