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Thrift deposed that he was not following any rule, guideline, policy, or procedure regarding how to organize the contests or manage the spectators and was not directed to have Horne press the rope down before each contest. Hoboken Elementary's principal deposed that the school had no employee rules, guidelines, policies, or procedures in place regarding Olympic Day nor any rules, guidelines, policies, or procedures that an employee was to follow when conducting recreational activities in general.

Thrift used his own judgment in determining how to organize, conduct, and supervise the tug-of-war contest, including having Horne press the center of the rope down with his foot. Similarly, Horne was not acting pursuant to any rule or policy, nor to any direction from the School District.

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The appellees moved for summary judgment, arguing that Thrift and Horne are entitled to official immunity for suit against them in their personal capacities for actions taken within the scope of their duties as employees of the School District. Davis contends that supervising and conducting a tug-of-war contest is a ministerial duty and, therefore, the doctrine of official immunity does not bar her claims against Thrift and Horne if Horne was acting as an employee 2.

Crisp County School System v. Brown, Ga. In other words, [they] can only be sued in their official capacities if they 1 negligently perform a ministerial duty, or 2 act with actual malice or actual intent to cause injury while performing a discretionary function. Punctuation and footnotes omitted.

Chisolm v. Tippens, Ga. In this case, Davis does not contend that Thrift or Horne acted with actual malice. Assuming their actions were within the scope of their employment duties, the determination whether they are entitled to official immunity therefore turns on the issue of whether their actions were discretionary or ministerial. McDowell v. Smith, Ga.

A ministerial act is commonly one that is simple, absolute, and definite, arising under conditions admitted or proved to exist, and requiring merely the execution of a specific duty. A discretionary act, however, calls for the exercise of personal deliberation and judgment, which in turn entails examining the facts, reaching reasoned conclusions, and acting on them in a way not specifically directed.

The determination whether an action is discretionary or ministerial depends on the character of the specific actions complained of, not the general nature of the defendant's job, and is to be made based on the facts of the particular case. Generally, supervising and controlling students' activities has been held to be a discretionary action which is protected by the doctrine of official immunity, and may be so even where specific school policies designed to help control and monitor students have been violated.

Griswold v. Collins, Ga.

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Henry County Bd. In this case, Davis failed to point to any evidence from which a trier of fact could infer that Thrift and Horne's conduct in organizing and conducting the tug-of-war contest constituted a simple, absolute, and definite act that required merely the execution of a specific duty. To the contrary, pretermitting whether Horne acted in his capacity as an employee or as a parent volunteer, the evidence is undisputed that the two men exercised personal judgment and acted on the facts presented in a way not specifically directed by the School District.

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