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Please sign in to leave a comment. Hila Schwartz Doron June 09, Hello there, The problem with taking your loved one's name, and "giving up" your previous publications concerns many people especially woman, but not only. Sort by Date Votes.

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Official comment. Alainna Wrigley June 09, Thank you for your iDea. A search for records in a broader category will look for records in all its sub-categories.

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If you know what type of record is most likely to be relevant to your research, select that category only — it will return a smaller, more manageable result set. Depending on the category you used to conduct your initial search, you will be given a choice of fields to refine your search result.

If you have searched under any other category you can refine your search using a given name or a date. As NameSearch will not identify all files listed on RecordSearch, you may wish to conduct further searches using the Advanced search screens.

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For more information see:. A search for a double name like 'Kingsford Smith' will only retrieve entries for 'Kingsford Smith' — it will not find 'Smith Kingsford', 'Smith' or 'Kingsford'.

Finding Maiden Names

Similarly, a search on a plural name like 'Boyles' will not retrieve records for the singular version of that name 'Boyle'. Note that no other types of punctuation can be used in a Family name search.

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Search using wildcards to find names beginning with a common stem. Further hints for using wildcards can be found in the Help text available in NameSearch.

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Try variations of the spelling of a name if your first search is unsuccessful.