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Even the Reverend Franklin Graham, the Evangelist son of the Evangelist Billy, joined the chorus just before Easter by asking "why can't he produce [it]? He could, and has, but to understand why he did only after so many months requires a little political time travel. It's August , the war in Iraq isn't going well and George W Bush's approval ratings have fallen into dangerous territory for a re-election year.

Democratic Senator John Kerry has just been endorsed at his party's National Convention as their presidential candidate, giving a stiff salute while telling the nation he was "reporting for duty". In the weeks after his nomination, Kerry's campaign staff decided not to respond to claims from a previously unknown group calling itself "Swift Boat veterans for Truth" who contended in a series of TV ads that Lt Kerry was not the Vietnam War hero he'd been given a Silver Star for being.

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He was a coward who stabbed his comrades in the back when he returned home and denounced the war. To even respond, Kerry's campaign team decided, would not only dignify the contemptible charge, but give oxygen to the flame. For one long month Kerry refused to go on the air and reject the claims.

Arpaio: Obama's birth certificate a phony

People believed what they heard on TV, Kerry's approval rating plummeted and his campaign never recovered. The lesson to Democrats was simple; hit back at every lie, or the lie takes hold and becomes the truth in some people's minds. Obama's campaign took the lesson to heart in , but since then the lingering "birther" claims seemed just too silly for words. Shortly after president Obama finally released the more medically-detailed "long version" of his birth certificate to the White House press corps this week, Donald Trump was landing his private helicopter with TRUMP emblazoned in large letters on the side in the politically influential state of New Hampshire.

But even as Trump was expressing his simultaneous doubts yet a desire to put the issue behind him and, like the president, move on to more important issues, the "blogosphere" was firing up again;. Only time will tell whether the "birthers" will now start to seem as silly as the "Elvis lives" crowd, as dangerous as Holocaust-deniers or just as deluded as Donald Trump's presidential aspirations.

Report: Trump continues to question Obama's birth certificate - CNNPolitics

But while the extreme anti-Obama folks who I suspect are really saying "I don't like a black man being president" when they answer those poll questions about where he was born or what his religion is deserve a certain amount of contempt, the media must take its share of the blame. The issue resurfaced earlier this week when outspoken Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told CNN he still believes the birth certificate was forged.

His visit to Kenya marks the first time a sitting U. On Friday evening, Obama reconnected with Kenyan family, some of whom were present at Saturday night's dinner. Obama told dinner attendees he came to Kenya in part because his step-grandmother had asked him to. Proud to be the first American President to visit Kenya.

Happy to see family, and to talk with young Kenyans about the future.

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Obama praised the entrepreneurial spirit of the Kenyan people as a way to confront the "insidious threats" that terrorists pose to the region. He also urged Kenya to reconsider its treatment of gay and lesbian people. Like many African nations, Kenya outlaws homosexuality. That small rift from earlier had smoothed over at Saturday night's state dinner, where the Nairobi Chamber Orchestra played a cover of Magnetic Fields' "Book of Love" before the presidents delivered toasts.

They were obtained through naked aggression and conquest.

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  • Sheriff Joe Arpaio renews birther claims about Obama's birth certificate.

Best to return them to Mexico and retroactively cancel all the citizenship's of those resident there. Cancel all acts of presidents and all votes by congressmen and senators from those states. Perhaps while your at it cancel citizenship for all confederacy states while your at it.

Joe Arpaio Still Thinks Obama's Birth Certificate Was Fake

They didn't rejoin legitimately so McCain was born in Panama I haven't seen proof that his mother didn't give birth off base I've read it doesn't. It is highly ridiculous, for an aspiring Republican Presidential candidate to purportedly assumes that the great United States of America will swear an oath of allegiance to the seat of the Presidency of this greater part of the world without scrutinizing the validity of the candidate.

That says a whole lot about the arrogant personality of the presidential aspirant, as he is already failing and loosing ground in a battle for the White House with the incumbent President Barrack Hussein Obama, ever before the battle begins.

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The public publications of the birth certificate of the President of our great nation is a dirty blow on those who had shamefully claimed they had sent "delegates" to Hawaii to research the root of the birth of the president. I am sure the evil minds of the human race will soon come up with something else against the President, something like "is Michelle Obama really a black woman".

A Great Conspiracy never dies and sometimes doesn't fade away either. The emotions behind the Birther Conspiracy Great Cover-Up are just as powerful today as yesterday and are not going to be distracted by another Government Document with a Seal on it! There are more important things to consider than a piece of Government Paper! In the interests of technical accuracy, the difference between a so-called short and long form isn't just the amount of information.

An Hawaii certificate of live birth is a computer generated form with a state seal. A real birth certificate is a copy of the original document with the signature of the attending physician. Every state has different procedures and the legal status of computer generated forms varies.

Was IS Leader al-Baghdadi Released from a U.S. Prison in Obama Era?

If Obama would have released a photocopy of the real birth certificate three years ago, this issue would never have grown. I think it was released today because of Trump. Now that is no longer the case. People are loosing confidence in him in all polls, and doubters are increasing. Obama knows he can no longer expect people to believe him merely on his words.

Probe launched by posse members

He has to release it before the doubt grows beyond repair. It is high time Obama realize he is subjected to the same standard as other candidates. It is high time Obama knows he is not someone special that while all others must, he can merely waive his hands and get a pass. In a nut shell, America no longer takes him at his word and he knows it now.

He cannot say he is the most transparent by words, and least transparent by did. We no longer take you at your words, Obama!