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They make the sender of an email pay the price in time and inconvenience.

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Imagine having a newsletter of , subscribers and getting challenge response floods every time you send a newsletter. I have the same problem. Twice now I had e-mails sent to contacts from my address book. The first time I took the computer to the shop, installed malwarebytes antimalware and thought I waa safe.

On Monday, The computer shop says I need to contact Yahoo. I did contact them and all I received was an acknowledgement. How can I delete my Yahoo e-mail address? What else can I do? My father, not very computer literate has just experienced this problem too. I have checked his sent box and the spam mails have not come from his account and he too has received a copy so it would appear that someone has managed to access his yahoo account, collected all his contact details and is now spamming the list and making it look like the mails are from him.

Is there anything he can do or will his contact list now get passed round the world of spammers?

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This got sent to about 59 people in my add book or from a forwarded e mail look? The quality of product is had better, the service is perfect, and price is had better, the speed of the deliver is very fast. There are own warehouse and store, there is customer in the whole world, receive customer very high praise. MSN: [email removed]. Somehow recently my Hotmail account has sent out links with ads to everyone on my Contact List.

It sent the messages out in pairs as well and there was no subject in the Subject line. I had even chnaged my PW since the last time it happened. Last time it did it at 2am when my PC was shut down. This time i was online and noticed the messages and once I sent out a legit message the SPAM stopped sending messages to the remaining folks on my list. It has been sending them in pairs in alpha order.

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I do run Messenger all the time but only to notify me if I have email. I wonder if that is the issue?

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Curious my PW is comprimised when I never enter it. I use Messenger click to auto login in to Hotmail and it saves it encrypted.

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I also changed it since the last time this happened just in case. This time i noticed it stopped once I sent a legit message out so that must have stopped the script from running through all my Contacts and it send the SPAM in pairs of contact in alph order.

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I deleted my Contact list just in case. This has happened twice. Is there any agency that traces this kind of stuff. Everyone in my contact list got it.

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This is happening to me too. I thought it was a virus on my particular PC and ran all the anti malware programs I could find. It still mailed ads for viagra and porn to all my contacts. I changed the name and extension of my windows address book, then noticed it was going after my contacts in my Yahoo email. Instead, I have been using other computers.

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Perhaps these are test to see if my contacts have changed back to real addresses. The only problem with this approach is the name field is not shown in the notification, so I have no way of tracking who is being targeted. This thing has cost me way too much time and money already. I thought I didnt open it but maybe I did…because I remembered it when I started getting input from folks on my address list that they were getting the same thing.

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I cleared most of my contacts, but it seems the damage has already been done, and I keep seeing some postmaster failures for a couple of address list connections, so it seems to be methodically running periodically- sending to about 5 addresses at a time. OK-It sounds like I have to give up my account and start fresh. Do I need to tell everyone in my address book to do the same? That would go over well…no chance I could send them a link to a fixityourselfshop? And if I start a fresh Hotmail account, this virus wont jump to that email account? This is about the comment from Josh. Becky W.

I know exactly what your talking about, my hotmail account is like… 5 years old and im getting postmaster failures every milisecond! I want to kill it! This will not stop the spam, but it may help protect my contacts from opening something that contains a virus, and in any event, will keep them from wasting their time. Please help. Thanks Ken. So Ken, I too have the pill company e-mail referenced in the questions above.

But one thing I was unclear about. The e-mails appear to be coming from my account and going to my contact list. I have been hacked twice, both times while I was using Outlook and then Outlook They used my address book to do mailings to all my contacts, all pointing to a Chinese Website selling iPhones and iPods, etc. I removed Outlook and never got hacked again until I installed Outlook Seriously doubt it! So far I see no cures or fixes and Microsoft denies it even being real.

It most certainly has to be my fault! The real fix is NOT using Microsoft Out , and having the address book stored on your computer. Millions of people are being hacked into through hotmail, including me. Why is hotmail acting like its our fault and there is nothing we can do? You know you can prevent this.

Please do it. Someone hacked my Yahoo account. Anway by what method would the virus get the password?

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Hi drugoutletmeds is sending all my contacts emails with attachments i then get postmaster sending failed reports to me s per day but a friend called me today to say they are actually getting through. This is a wonderful article that basically says there is nothing you can do to protect your email account from being compromised other than not use easy to guess passwords. This is not at all true. I have email accounts with several providers and only those hosted by mail. My wife also uses multiple email accounts and a different personal computer — Only her account with mail. Further imagine that this clever virus is happy to restrict its attack to only one of the 12 different email providers that it finds on your personal computer.

It seems to me your best bet is to move to a different email provider.